Mead School District

FLEXCART has developed a partnership with the Mead School District. Mead is a premier school district in Eastern Washington and is a leader in STEM education. We value this partnership and we appreciate Mead’s steadfast progress in offering quality STEM experiences to their students. Mead teachers and students are testing our FLEXCARTS and associated NGSS aligned curriculum in the classroom and their STEM Academy.

Mead teachers and students will offer our company the valuable qualitative and quantitative data we need to keep improving our FLEXCARTS and curriculum. We are listening to students, teachers, and administration on how we can customize and improve FLEXCART and NGSS aligned unit plans for full integration of this innovation into K-12 education to maximize student engagement and learning.

The Mead School District has now engaged in FLEXCART’S Lease Program and has integrated various FLEXCARTS into their K-12 Programs, Libaries, Compass Programs, and Special Needs classrooms. Mead is also testing the BIOME NIGMS/SBIR grant funded innovation in their middle school and high schools for usability data analysis.

FLEXCART has been a repeat feature at Mead’s STEM Night and STEM Academy:

Spokane Public Schools

Spokane Public Schools (SPS) is one of the largest and most diverse school districts in the Eastern Washington region with over 50 schools in its district. This district offers a wide array of educational programs to serve its broad demographics to improve education in the region. SPS has strong STEM programs in place and continues to expand STEM opportunities throughout the district. FLEXCART is currently partnering with SPS to have FLEXCARTS available for instructors to ultilize throughout the district. SPS has a robust Afterschool STEM Education Program, Summer STEM Camps, and over 37 elementary schools that will be using FLEXCARTS to supplement and enhance their learning opportunities in STEM Education. FLEXCART values this partnership with SPS and our shared mission of bringing STEM experiences to all learners at an early age to inspire them to pursue careers in the STEM fields of today and tomorrow.

Consortium Partnership

FLEXCART has recently partnered with a consortium of educators to reach more students in different capacities. The HUB Sports Center, Spokane County Libraries, Boys & Girls Clubs, Central Valley, East Valley and West Valley School Districts make up this diverse consortium. This group is sharing and rotating FLEXCARTS and associated NGSS curriculum throughout their organizations to maximize the benefits of this STEM educational opportunity. The funding for this opportunity was made possible by the Hagen Foundation who serves non-profits and education through grant funding

Vernier Software and Technology

FLEXCART has developed a partnership with Vernier Software & Technology. When it comes to scientific data collection, Vernier has perfected the development and production of affordable, easy-to-use data-acquisition products, sensors, probes and data acquisition software for science classrooms and labs around the world. With over 30 years of experience developing technology for education, Vernier designs sensors for active, hands-on experiments. Our FLEXCARTS offer Vernier probes and sensors as an accessory that can be purchased separately. Vernier Software and Technologies provide real-time data for student inquiry based investigations performed on our FLEXCARTS. The link Sensor/Probes for FLEXCART shows specifically which sensors and probes work with each FLEXCART.

GSI Teaching the Teachers Workshops

One of the goals of the Greater Spokane Incorporated's Education and Workforce department is to connect business and education to create partnerships that support and retain a highly skilled workforce. Teaching the Teachers workshops gives educators the chance to experience what future opportunities for work and education await their students in the business world. FLEXCART has collaborated with GSI through the Teaching the Teachers workshops to achieve this goal. Through two workshops so far, FLEXCART has partnered with EWU and GU professors to give teachers tours of their engineering facilities. Our most recent workshop held on 3/22/18 was taught by Dr. Rohan Kundargi, the Science In Action (SIA) Director for Gonzaga University. The Quake Table FLEXCART was the focus of the workshop and after the workshop teachers toured the Gonzaga University’s Engineering Department.

We have also partnered with GSI to offer a Career Connection in our FLEXCART NGSS aligned curriculum. access2experience (a2e) is a digital platform that connects educators directly to business professionals in our community who have identified a willingness and passion to share their expertise with the future talent of our region. a2e was recently relaunched in the greater Spokane region and is a great tool to build career connected learning experiences for young adults through career presentations, worksite tours, job shadows, and more. It only takes a few minutes to create either a professional or educator profile to begin making connections. From there, educators are able to search for industry professionals through a variety of filters to connect with about different engagement opportunities happening in local schools and districts.

Our Partners

MEAD School District
Eastern Washington University
Vernier Software & Technology

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