Magnetic Basics FLEXCART

Students can discover the phenomena of magnetism through their hands-on interaction with the Magnetic Basics FLEXCART. There are several stations on the Magnetic Basics FLEXCART that allow users to interact with magnetism in many different ways and thereby uncover that magnetism is all around us. Students use a magnet to discern which materials are magnetic and therefore attracted to each other.

Hold down the button on the compass for students to activate the electricity! Students can then see the compass needle move in response to the electromagnetic field created. Next they can move a bar magnet under a fully self-contained acrylic box and watch as they cause the ferrofluid liquid to move in response. Learners can also experience the force of repulsion when they try to bring together two magnets that are oppositely charged. The experience on the Magnetic Basics FLEXCART will show that magnetism is a force to be reckoned with!

Magnetic Basics

STEM Concepts Learned From Use of Magnetic Basics FLEXCART:
In Development - STEM Concepts Coming Soon!

Permanent Magnets and Ferromagnetic Materials:

Repulsion and Attraction:

Four Fundamental Forces:

Principles of Electromagnetism:

Exhibit Technology:

Vernier Technology:

Engineering Concepts:


STEM Careers associated with the Magnetic Basics FLEXCART:

  • Electronics Engineer
  • Field Application Engineer
  • Valve Train Product Engineer
  • Magnetic Resonance Physicist
  • Gridded Ion Thruster Engineer
  • Product Development Engineer
  • Magnet Manufacturing Engineer
  • Sensing System Hardware Engineer
  • EMC Machine Certification Engineer
  • Power Electronics Engineer (SMPS)
  • Nondestructive Testing Engineer (NDT)
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technologist

Magnetic Basics FLEXCART Specs:

Mag Basics Specs

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

NGSS aligned curriculum for the Magnetic Basics FLEXCART is currently under development and will be available September of 2020.

Topic: Forces and Interactions: Coming Soon!

Topic: 3-5 Engineering Design: Coming Soon!