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Engage with your students like never before,
with the power of FLEXCARTS.


The idea of the FLEXCART was born out of the tremendous need and pain points of teachers and administration to offer affordable quality STEM education experiences in K-12 education. Our goal is to enhance K-12 STEM education by providing a STEM tool that has been specifically developed to satisfy the curricular and professional development requirements for school districts of all demographics.

We are bringing interest and STEM experiences to more children at an early age. Exposing students in elementary and middle school to real-life implications of science and the importance of the STEM fields can inspire students to pursue careers in the rapidly growing STEM market. With educated and passionate students interested in the STEM fields, we can expect a future rich in innovation and progress. The FLEXCARTS coupled with NGSS aligned unit plans create access to an engaging, relevant, hands-on, and high-quality STEM experience for educators and students in K-12 education.

Why NGSS Aligned Unit Plans?

Several decades of high quality research prove children learn science best by physically interacting with difficult science, technology, engineering and math concepts. NGSS standards are written with the expectation that students will “do science” and approach problems as a scientist and engineer would. The FLEXCART provides innovative exhibit technology that naturally produces student inquiry and provides the perfect platform for students to predict, describe and test ideas about the scientific phenomena they are learning about. It is an ideal complement to project based learning.

The NGSS aligned unit plans are written by science teachers for teachers and supply the resources teachers need to deliver a successful STEM experience for their students.

Why Subscription-Licensing?

The FLEXCART STEM Education Licensing Program offers annual subscription plans with convenient and advantageous package options developed to lower financial barriers in adopting this technology. Because of the subscription-licensing opportunity, we have simplified the process for school districts to purchase, customize, educate and rotate FLEXCART STEM Education Licensing Programs between classrooms. In doing so, our interactive technology can be incorporated and applied into education settings that strengthen STEM exposure throughout all demographics.

Participate in the subscription-licensing program by selecting one of our four STEM education packages customizable based on your district needs. Select the appropriate FLEXCART(S) to use throughout the subscription term - Choose from 1, 2, 3, or a variety of 4+ FLEXCARTS so that a multitude of different programs within your district can be served. We want successful implementation and usability of FLEXCART STEM Education Licensing Programs in the classroom, and believe in giving your students and staff the hands-on interactivity and STEM teaching tools they need to succeed. Once participants, the district will have access to the Professional Development included in each package, assisting your teachers by providing training on appropriate usage and best practice applications of each licensed cart.

Our FLEXCART STEM Education Licensing Program is a great opportunity to integrate project-based learning with these hands-on FLEXCART exhibit technologies into an educational setting including schools, libraries, and other facilities supporting STEM education.


Flexhibit at Mead's STEM Night Video

FLEXCART NGSS Aligned Curriculum

FLEXCART offers supplemental NGSS aligned curriculum currently with four of our FLEXCARTs - Air Rocket, Circuit Bench, Quake Table and Electromagnetic Ring Launcher. The Bernoulli and Magnetic Basics FLEXCARTS are still under development and will have curriculum available in September 2020. Each unit focuses on NGSS aligned STEM concepts, such as the Engineering Design Process, Human Impacts, Forces and Interactions. All unit plans have a career connection, computer science and math components. Each cart also includes NGSS aligned unit plans with supplemental curriculum and curricular connections - Currently available for Grade Bands K-2*, 3-5, and 6-8 with 9-12 under development.

*The Electromagnetic Ring Launcher FLEXCART is not applicable for Grade Bands K-2.

Professional Development

FLEXCART is offering professional development trainings included in each of the educational licensing packages. Trainings include direct FLEXCART time along with an overview of our NGSS aligned curriculum and usage of the Vernier Probes, Sensors, and Software appropriate to each FLEXCART.

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